The king was rather peevish in this talk, but Arinbjorn could see that the queen was much worse-willed. Alf in his talk was no friend to the earl. Then Egil bounded upon Grim, and drove the axe into his head, so that it at once pierced his brain. No need to expect honour where he is.'. Now though thou wilt give no decision that may help Onund, yet will not I brook this, that Egil tread under foot our friends and wrongfully take the property from Onund. And when Egil was ready for his voyage, they sailed out along the bay, and then northwards along the Norway coast, and afterwards out into the main. Right early must rise: My soul doth muse: 'Who staunch stands by me Then Egil sang: 'Steinar my word erewhile There was then some hard fighting; but the end was that the Frisians fled and the freebooters pursued the fugitives. Treacherous trick on such to play.'. Then sang Egil: 'In struggle sternly hard 'Arinbjorn And when Egil made ready his ship for sea, then Thorstein Eric's son settled to go with him, he of whom mention was made before, who was afterwards called Thora's son. Much provision was needed for this farm, and Thorir had gone to Eyrar for this, to buy a cargo, malt, wheat, and honey; and much wealth of the king's had he for that end. And no sooner had Aunund the management of this cause, than he went to seek the father and son, Thorstein and Egil. I shall at once let you have silver, when I know you need it; but I know that you still have in your keeping one or two chests full of silver. At the age of seven while playing in the ball games (knattleikr), he committed his first murder (axe-killing an older boy who outclassed him in the sport). They need a boat to take them from the island. As a king, he wore. He means to be made king over the north there, both over Finmark and Halogaland: and the wonder is that thou wilt listen to him in anything whatever. I will make good the loss of your ship, and give you another, in which you can well sail to Iceland.' But when he was quite ready and a fair wind blew, he embarked on a boat with twelve men and rowed in to Aurland, and they went up to the homestead and to his mother's bower. In several sagas the hero becomes an outlaw fighting a When spring came, and the snow and ice were loosed, then Thorolf launched a large warship of his own, and he had it made ready, and equipped his house-carles, taking with him more than a hundred men; and a goodly company there were, and well weaponed. The warlike prince, hath wrought It has been since held for certain that he let down one or both into Krum's bog-hole, and dropped a large stone slab atop of them. I will neither hear his words nor see him. Slain in the city gate.'. Draught of Odin's wave egils saga sparknotesgordon county schools virtual learning. Egil declares his business, and demands of Onund's sharing of the heritage of Bjorn. He was true to the faith, and a good man. Proud Eric prince renowned; His shipmates did as he had bidden them do; they laid him in a coffin, and shot it overboard. ', Arinbjorn said that he deemed it well thought of. He had about him always many men, whom he set to seek diligently all such provisions as could be got there for man's sustenance, because at first they had but little live-stock compared with the needs of their numerous company. So Armod had a table set for them, whereon were placed large bowls full of curds. The warrior's friend, Egil heard tidings from east over the seas that Eric Bloodaxe had fallen in the west while freebooting; but Gunnhilda and her sons and Eric's had gone to Denmark, and all those that had followed Eric to England had left that country. Arinbjorn saluted the king; the king received him well. Then Egil dashed out of the room; it was pitch dark outside. Frosty and cold, High-soul'd mood of king, A man was appointed to bear every cup to Egil's party, and he urged them to drink it off quick. With hood of daring ', 'Take it I will,' said Eric, 'and thou wilt deem it but poor payment therefor though I should offer thee my friendship; but this thou mayest look for if I live.'. And when he had been there a little while, he declared his errand before the king, and said that Egil Skallagrimsson was come there in the land, and thought he had a claim to all that property that had belonged to Ljot the Pale. I know the craft of Gunnhilda, the vehemence of Egil, the power of the king; no easy task were it to watch these all at once. The horn burst asunder in the midst, and the drink was spilt on the straw below. Egil and eleven with him went to Arinbjorn's. Egil said, 'How many will they be, think you, if it is as you say? They began to declare their cause, and pleaded it before those who were to judge. Thrand said: 'Now shall you see, Thorstein, whether I at all fear your threats.' While staying with Thorir, Egill became attached to Thorir's son Arinbjorn (Arinbjrn risson), an important figure in the saga and Egill's lifelong friend. 'Have you slain Thrand my thrall?' egils saga sparknotes. Kveldulf commanded the ship which they had taken from Hallvard. He had a most beautiful daughter, Hildirida by name; and it fell to her lot to sit by Bjorgolf. They saw also to the healing of the wounded. 'I have never,' he said, 'been an ailing man; but if it so be (as now seems likely) that I die, then make me a coffin, and put me overboard: and it will go far otherwise than I think if I do not come to Iceland and take land there. But Aulvir shall remain with me; for his skill as skald I cannot spare him.'. Egil went to lodge at Borg, and with him Thofid Strong and many of their company; and they were there with Skallagrim for the winter. But, at autumn wore on, Egil began to be very gloomy and drank little, and often say with his head drooping in his cloak. Night and day they travelled, and turned toward Upland, thence north by the Dovre-fell, nor stayed they till they came before king Hacon, and told him of their journey, how it had sped. 'Me hath the main Around his brow I am now come to look after that property, lands and chattels, and to beg you to give it up and pay it into my hands. In the kitchen (he saw) was a large fire and kettles thereon. He was the first law-man in Iceland; he dwelt at Hofi after his father, and was the most renowned of Hing's sons. I begin the cause with this: Grim my father came to this island, and took to him here all the land of Myrar and the district round about, and chose him a homestead at Borg, and assigned a parcel of land thereto, but gave to his friends choice of land outside that same, in which they have since settled. On the morrow Fridgeir made ready to go, and many with him, Egil being one of the party. As a poet, Egill was a powerful and valued man. . I now declare myself free of debt to you, Steinar, in regard of that help which I promised you; for it was agreed between us that I should help you in carrying through your suit, or to such issue as should content you; free am I, I say, whatever may be the terms adjudged you by Egil.' Then Aulvir went back and told the king that Kveldulf would send him his son, and he (said Aulvir) would suit better; but he was not then at home. But, if you make the other choice, you must do as the Naumdalesmen have done, and go of your own will into slavery, and become Harold's thralls. Toiled each morning Alf took the gift with thanks, saying, 'A good mantle have I here.' Then Egil saw that nothing would be done this way, for his shield was now rendered useless. There was fought the greatest battle that king Harold had had, with much slaughter in either host. I for this reason took possession of all the property left by Bjorn, because I knew that that other daughter of Bjorn had no right to inherit. The case was argued at the Gulaing assembly, where Berg-Onund asserted that Asgerd as a slave-woman entitled to no share (due to the circumstance that her mother eloped without her kinsmen's consent). Then said Egil: 'Now will I go up into the island and spy out what I can get to know; but you shall await me here. Of forehead could smooth. Eirik was furious, but Arinbjorn Thorisson convinced Eirik to spare Egill's life if he could compose a poem in his honor. For robbery of my wealth! King Harold then settled down in retirement, being mostly in Rogaland or Hordaland. He then begged the king to grant him law in this matter. Ten men of Egil's followers were lost there. Yet the friend of Mimir Aulvald send me word I am to go to him. He understood, ere he had been long there, whither Steinar had had his cattle taken, and he sat by them on Stack-moor. Egil was at Moss-fell with Grim and Thordis. Then the king asked where was that big man who had drunk most that evening. Bloody wound did grave. Ungifted hie. Rognvald in his childhood had been fostered there. There was a man named Ulf, son of Bjalf, and Hallbera, daughter of Ulf the fearless; she was sister of Hallbjorn Half-giant in Hrafnista, and he the father of Kettle Hing. After they were parted Thorstein sought for Grim. Ulf and he had one common purse, and were the dearest friends. Eyvind Skreyja and Alf were the names of two brothers of Gunnhilda, sons of Auzur Toti. ', Bjorn answered, 'I knew that between you two was foster-brotherhood and close friendship; but I sought your home because I was driven ashore here, and I knew it would avail naught to shun you. Thorolf and Egil returned to their camp; and just then king Athelstan came up with the main army, and they pitched their tents and made their arrangements. Egil stood up and went to the place in which the earl's daughter had sat during the day. For I think that he has a whole load of good-fortune where our king has not a handful.'. Ljot from life be sundered, On one occasion, when Egil and Thorstein met, they talked much about Thorgeir Blund their kinsman, and they both agreed about him. Egil went his way, they being twelve in all. Rulers valued poets for their ability to make or break a man, increasing his fame or besmirching his good name. During this time, both Kings thelstan and Eirik Bloodaxe died, leaving Eirik's brother Hakon ruler of Norway. Of the Mrian forces fell the kings Arnvid and Audbjorn, but Solvi escaped, and afterwards became a great sea-rover, and wrought much scathe on Harold's kingdom, and was nicknamed Bandy-legs. Beloved of men, This proposal Bjorn took well, his consent was easily won; and it was settled that the betrothal should be there, and a day was fixed for the wedding. With that they parted. And when king Athelstan heard of this, he gathered force and went against Eric. But when they began to talk together, Thorir begged the king not to take it amiss that he had Egil with him that winter. 'It will soon be clear,' said Egil, 'whether you speak this as truth or vain words; though I think this latter can hardly be. It is said that when they laid Bodvar in earth Egil was thus dressed: his hose were tight-fitting to his legs, he wore a red kirtle of fustian, closely-fitting, and laced at the sides: but they say that his muscles so swelled with his exertion that the kirtle was rent off him, as were also the hose. Thorolf was killed by the king who led a band of warriors, and the rift would force Skallagrim and his father Kveldulf to flee Norway to settle in Iceland. He bane of his brothers, Chief among them was Thord, Grani's son. These cases both begin with a man of wealth and power who marries twice, one of the two marriages being in some way of doubtful legality, and illustrate the effect upon the family of the two conflicting lines of descent." Thorolf went with Thorir wheresoever he went, and they never were apart day or night. Arinbjorn craved entrance into the hall; it was granted. There was a son of Thorstein named Grim, who was then ten years old; he too went with Thorstein, thus they were five in all. Chapter 1 - Of Kveldulf and his sons. This they both felt to be a great loss. And not long after this talk Arinbjorn made ready for his journey. Then Bard had the king called to him, and spoke thus: 'If it so be that I die of these wounds, then I would ask this of thee, that I may myself name my heir.'. And when the feast was ended, Bard went home with his wife, and remained at home through the summer, and Thorolf with him. There it lay in the smoke all the winter. Egil shook his sword and sang: 'Hew we with hilt-wands flashing, But when Skallagrim got to know this, he called Bjorn to him, and asked how it had been with his marriage; had it been made with the consent of his wife's kin. As for Aulvir and his comrades, the king let them go in peace, as guiltless in this matter. But when his hands were loose, he loosed therewith the bonds from his feet. The western field I burdened; Now may we also have the same luck with the king, that you may make your peace with him, if you can offer him the poem of praise. Egil went first, then the rest, one behind the other, so near that none could come between. They talked much together that evening, and the fair maiden charmed the old man. An heritage noble, I will produce true evidence before the king and the judges that Thora Lace-hand, Asgerdr's mother, was taken captive from the house of Thorir her brother, and a second time from Brynjolf's house at Aurland. He had now been out twelve winters. Thorolf remained with the king, who appointed him a seat between Aulvir Hnuf and Bard; and these three struck up a close friendship. Said Thrand, 'It makes no odds to me who owns the land: I shall let the cattle be where they please.' But two charges of lesser outlawry were equivalent to one of full outlawry. Skallagrim was most industrious. He was called Kveldulf. 'A prince doth hold me guest, Of praise long-lasting Some guess that Egil must have hidden his money there. Einar at an early age was tall and strong, and most doughty. Flogs hard and unceasing And seeing that Aulvir pressed this matter strongly, Grim promised to go when he thought he could be ready. He was heartily thanked for this work. He appointed a week hence for the conflict, and whichever first came on the ground should wait a week for the other. New York . Wielded he power. He earned the nickname Kveldulf (Kveldlfr, "Evening Wolf") because of his erratic temper at nightfall, and reputation for manifesting the so-called "shape-shifter" (hamrammr) abilities,[4] explained in later chapters to be comparable (or equatable) with berserk fury. ', Then says Onund in high-pitched voice, 'A wondrous bold man are you, Egil, the outlaw of king Eric, who come hither to his land and think here to attack his men and friends. And when the king had so spoken, Arinbjorn saw that it would not do to plead this cause any further with him; so he prepared to return home. Then Egil stood for Norway, and when he came to land sailed with all speed into the Firths. They had so pitched that in every third tent there were no men at all, and in one of every three but few. A right joyful meeting was theirs. Thorir received the king's son joyfully. Thorolf was then taller and stronger than other men, and herein like his father. What do you mean to do with that money? He sent thee three bearskins, but I know for certain that he kept back thirty that were by right thine; and I guess it was the same with other things. Kveldulf refused to assist the local king of Fjordane, but rebuffed Harald's overtures as well, incurring his wrath. It was now autumn, and king Harold was advised not to go south in autumn-tide. On blue shield-rims broke. With shroud of piled stones.'. Thorgils was strong of body and right bold of heart; the king had bestowed on him friendly gifts after the battle, and promised him his friendship. And when all was ready they moved the ship out to Digra-ness, and it lay there waiting a wind. Eager I came, nor thought Were I fairly called, They parted friends; and Egil going on his way came on the evening of a day to earl Arnvid's court, where he found a good reception. He manned with his house-carles a twenty-oared galley that he had. It is difficult, O king, to place men as managers here, because thou wilt seldom come hither thyself. Course. Then Skallagrim took land between fells and firths, all the moors out to Seal-loch, and the upper land to Borgarhraun, and southwards to Hafnar-fell, and all that land from the watershed to the sea. Thorolf stood northwards with his force past Holland, and they put into a harbour there, as the wind drove them back. A little while after she called and bade them give her drink. The Courlanders pursued after them into this pen, while some set on them from without, thrusting javelins and swords through the palings, while others cast clothes on their weapons. Beigaldi was a coal-biter. They have a tenuous tenure in Norway, but Egill is outlawed and they roam Scandinavia and serve the king of England. Bard saw that they were very wet, and led them to a fire-hall that stood apart from the other buildings. They brought thither a swift twenty-benched long-ship well manned, which they had before used in sea-roving. He was a very wealthy man, owning several farms in Jutland. This was easy, for there was no defence. ', The man said: ''Tis but little trouble for me to do this errand. That winter the king held court in the north in Throndheim. But it proved disastrous to most to match their force with him. He kept house in munificent style, for there was no lack of money, and his disposition led him to munificence. They did so. Arinbjorn had brought thither a long-ship full equipt, also many small craft and store-ships. They were good-looking, small of stature, naturally shrewd, like their mother's kin. Einar said, 'You will gain little by my help, unless more men of honour back you in this cause.' Onund reeled at the blow; but Egil suddenly snatched back his sword, and made a cut at Onund, well-nigh taking off his head. They did so. Methinks I should fail herein more than Thorolf.'. Another son born Arinbjorn went back and said that things looked rather unpromising.

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