WEBSITE DATA PRIVACY POLICY | PRIVACY POLICY | RETURN POLICY | MACHINE READABLE FILES. He is a certified practitioner of DreamTending and a qualified clinical supervisor. I dont care if no one likes it because they think that you are going to get in to trouble. Jay is a Nashville native and graduate of MTSU with an MBA from Belmont University. Furstenfeld pieced together all of the major events in his life one by one and sang us the songs that stemmed from those events, making them even more meaningful and emotional for the audience, many of which were already huge fans of Blue October. He told the audience about his bands first 15-passenger tour van and their second one, and their third. Who would you cite as your biggest musical influence and how have they helped to shape you as an artist? Cindy has more than 16 years of experience in non-profit fundraising, most recently serving as Development Officer for United Methodist Higher Education Foundation. On July 28, 2012, they were married in a private ceremony in Wimberley, Texas. He admits that for anyone struggling with mental illness and addiction, some days are still difficult. That has been the one light through this whole thing. Dont miss the mighty @chrisjerichofozzy and company! It was touchy for a while, learning songs that were about me after watching me go through this for four years. The audience cried, clapped and cheered for him, all rising to their feet in applause. The act already has woven new track I Will Follow You, which it recorded at Peter Gabriels Real World Records while on tour in England, into live sets. An original screenplay by Chad Law and Josh Ridgway, Section Eight is being directed by Christian Sesma (Pay Dirt) and produced by Brandon Burrows of Firebrand. One good thing that came out of your struggle has been your collaboration with The American Coalition for Fathers and Children. Towards the end of the evening, Furstenfeld shared his redemption story. My sister and I always go to these Blue October shows together. Justin Furstenfeld, the lead singer and guitarist of the band, has always been transparent in his songwriting, reflecting the strugglesand now the triumphsof his personal life. They were caught, and the scandal ultimately led to Nixon's resignation two years later, after his administration repeatedly tried to cover up their involvement. I can't wait for his next stop in San Antonio. He went through a 75-day program at Cumberland Heights, a rehabilitation center in Nashville, and found his faith there. Ultimately, Get Back Up dives deep into mental illness, but finishes off with a message of encouragement and hopefulness that a support system can truly help anyone tear through and reach the other side of depression and addiction. His first marriage was crumbling, and an unexpected injury (Furstenfeld broke his leg while the band was goofing around on the field at a stadium show) led the band to cancel its biggest tour at that point in its career, which only made him slide deeper into a quagmire. Very alive.#BlueOctober#JustinFurstenfeld#SPIN#ADayInTheLife During this time, he developed two pilot addiction programs in the Greater West Tennessee area. If you love Blue October like so many of their fans do, you will absolutely love this show. That kind of gives you a little bit of perspective, you get the modern-day perspective on Watergate and you kind of get this 50-year perspective on what's going on right now in our government. One of the greatest and most enjoyable shows Ive ever seen. They now live in Wimberley with their two children, daughter Sayde Belle and son Gunner. People can change: Justin Furstenfelds (of Blue October) unique approach to his book tour and his story of recovery. Then I can only blame myself for the mistakes. Cinde Stewart Freeman is Cumberland Heights Chief Clinical Officer and has been with Cumberland Heights for 30 years. Irreverent sure! Justin Furstenfeld Biography by Marcy Donelson Best known as the frontman for multi-charting post-grunge stalwarts Blue October, Justin Furstenfeld was born in Houston, Texas and attended the city's High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Next thing you know, people started gravitating toward it. 19K Followers, 413 Following, 370 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Sarah Furstenfeld (@sarahfurstenfeld) Justin Furstenfeld grew up in Houston and, for more than 25 years, has been the songwriting force and lead vocalist for the band Blue October, which has had sixteen Top 40 singles in that time. 2023 Billboard Media, LLC. The world needs more people like him! The audience sat quietly absorbing every detail and feeling every emotion as he told his story. Butch also maintained a private practice, specializing in family of origin work and addiction populations. You know, we've all forgotten what shame is in politics. He makes sure the show goes on even though they are not on the road right now, you got to love that right? The thing I love about this album is that we did get to dig into some of the issues,like even though youre in a really good place, you still have dark thoughts, says Furstenfeld. Robin Cox is the Chief Financial Officer at Cumberland Heights, the Southeasts premier alcohol and drug addiction treatment center. This is still going on? Hes in a better place mentally, spiritually and musically and hopes the film and the music continue to help others in their struggle. I appreciate you saying that. It is nice to finally have someone on my side. What do you think is the biggest misconception about yourself at this point and are you ever afraid that it could overshadow your work in some way? I enjoy his music daily on, Spotify, Apple music, and/or YouTube. 365 views. Singer/Guitarist Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October performs at Columbus Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio on MAY 17, 2009. When I think for myself and trust my opinion and the bands opinion and not listen to [in a thick New York accent] some big-wig producer just because he is some big-wig producer, [laughs] that it turns out for the best. The movie charts the story of a former soldier who, after avenging the murder of his family, is sprung from prison and recruited by a shadowy government agency. When the accusations started, that is when it became an album. Blue, and Furstenfeld's relationship with her mother, are the subject matter of much of the album. Upgrading to the table seating was the best thing we could have done! I used to be in love with despair, Furstenfeld told a sold-out crowd during a Nov. 15 show at New Yorks Webster Hall. Great fun and even therapeutic. So he trapped a rat, killed it and then ate it. Will not hesitate to see him again next time around! Cinde is a bachelors prepared Registered Nurse and a masters prepared Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, Level II. Blue October's Justin Furstenfeld, far right, will host virtual parties on Thursday, May 21, to debut his band's documentary, "Get Back Up." . When not touring with his band, Furstenfeld resides in San Marcos, Texas. 4. I would have to say Peter Gabriel. Prime Video Casts BRIAN COX in Upcoming James Bond-Inspired Unscripted Adventure Series 007s Road to a Million, Paramount+ Unveils Trailer For Upcoming Documentary King Charles, The Boy Who Walked Alone. The 20-year-old band, which consists of brothers Justin and Jeremy Furstenfeld, Ryan Delahoussaye, Matthew Ostrander and Matt Noveskey, was a local mainstay for several years, playing Austin and Houston clubs until breaking out with its third album, History For Sale, and 2006 single Hate Me.. If you were of live-music-watching age in Houston or in the capital city in the late 90s and early 2000s, you have definitely seen a Blue October show or two in your day. @theartofethanpro_ knocked it out of the park with Escape From LA. #johncarpenter #escapefromla #bobsbigboy #movies #film #screenprint #kurtrussell #snakepilssken, Tonight @fozzyrocks Save the World Tour comes to Baltimore Soundstage! Cindy Patterson accepted her role as Chief Development and Marketing Officer in 2019. Ten years later, the band played weekend one of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, which is where we sat down with frontman Justin to take a stroll down memory lane [Editors Note: The writer grew up in Houston and knew the band casually.]. Furstenfeld truly was an open book, and told his story bravely without shame, but with hope. We want to hear from you! She earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Tennessee. Once recorded, he hopes to pull in mixers Dave Friedman, who has worked with the Flaming Lips, Weezer and Interpol, and Mark Needham (Stevie Nicks, Elton John, The Killers) to add some final touches. That can never happen again. He reminded me every day by saying, No, no, no! And, through all of these hardships, he continued to make music. [4], In 2020 a documentary was released called "Get Back Up" that covers Furstenfeld's story about depression, addiction, and recovery. That is something that I have always believed in. Amazing center view which created a more intimate experience. TriRocks It has been a long emotional road for you. The actors Justin Theroux (left) and Woody Harrelson play G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt in the new HBO miniseries White House Plumbers. Obviously, Veep is a pure comedy with very written jokes. As with much of Blue October's music catalog, Furstenfeld's 2014 solo album, "Songs from an Open Book" and the 2020 documentary "Get Back Up" touch on his struggles with addiction and a 75-day. So he would strap himself to a tree during a thunder and lightning storm. While some have speculated about a rift between the two brothers, Sacha has come to Justin's defense on several occasions. I dont think that there is a misconception. By continuing past this page, you agree to our Terms of Use. 2. It is amazingly fulfilling to know that they are there to help me. How did that influence this album? Liddy wrote a book called Will, which was his sort of autobiography, which sometimes reads like a tall tale, Paul Bunyan type. Its something that I just started doing because I need to hold him up more, says Furstenfeld, who has been friends with Delahoussaye since they were 14 and attended Houstons High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Listen at 104.5 on your radio dial or on iHeartRadio. Here is Plan A, Plan B, Plan C. Just breathe with me. He really laid it out. The songs on the album represent a mix of old . Aztec Theatre presented by Cricket Wireless - San Antonio. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Find Justin Furstenfeld tour schedule, concert details, reviews and photos. In an interview, Furstenfeld remarked, Im not afraid to be open about my struggles. 1 of 21. The actors Justin Theroux (left) and Woody Harrelson star in the HBO miniseries White House Plumbers. Your new album, Any Man In America, just hit stores. It's Blue October's live performances. Get our latest storiesin the feed of your favorite networks. It was amazing to see someone that finally, really cared about what was happening. 1000/10 would recommend you go see this show the next chance you get!! Having them finish them all, putting in the choruses and bridges, which was something I didnt want to touch because it was already past that point, was so good and so nice. He's in a better place mentally, spiritually and musically and hopes the film and the music continue to help others in their struggle. ALT 104.5 - WRFF - Philly's Alternative Rock with The Woody Show, Jammin' Jessie,, Mike Jones, Amber Miller, DJ Reed Streets, Josh, Aidan White and more! The shows always sound amazing in there. Thank you so much, my friend! He's actually oddly a very modern character who was mostly obsessed with getting famous, and he really didn't care how it happened. February 11, 2022 7:43am Justin Furstenfeld Courtesy of BJ Lewallen IV Upcoming action film Lights Out, starring Frank Grillo, Mekhi Phifer, Scott Adkins and Dermot Mulroney, has added Blue. I have A LOT of songs! If Gordon Liddy existed nowadays, he'd be in a chat room somewhere. #retro #arcade #gaming #mortalkombat #qbert #joust #tapper #pinball #retrocade, An awesome new addition to the collection! I dont even want custody, I want shared parenting. He is also a member of the band Harvard of the South. Who knew he was so funny?! What did producer Tim Palmer add to the project to make it gel? In late 2009, the band had to cancel their tour due to Furstenfeld suffering a severe anxiety attack. I am still trying to protect myself, so that is why I had to put this album out because no one else was keeping record. The upcoming album from the band Blue October will feature music with an optimistic emphasis, which is a decidedly different perspective than the groups previous work. He said that my parenting time was going to be suspended. Shes also on the regional board of directors at the Center for Youth Ministry Training where they find new ways to minister to young people. As friends, I felt really bad that it was a situation like, OK, once again, here comes my drama! But I think a lot of people were smarter than just being like, Oh God here we go. The songs were definitely laid out like a map. He is amazing. All rights reserved. I like to say: We have very short memories. I couldnt have gone any lower. Butch worked for one of the states first intensive outpatient programs in Jackson, TN and the Jackson Area Council on Alcoholism. Robin accepted her role at Cumberland Heights in 2006. After 75 days of treatment, he returned home and was able to witness the birth of his daughter. [15] Furstenfeld's original song "This is What I Live For" also played during film's opening credits. Justin Furstenfeld earned his net worth as the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist of the rock band Blue October. He returned a few months later, amidst rumors about his mental health. Mastin is affiliated with the United Methodist Church where she serves many roles and sits on the board. Justin furstenfeld Retweeted. HBO Dr. Sledge has been named Nashvilles top addiction doctor by the Nashville Business Journal, a recognition only five percent of physicians in the United States hold. What is this all about? The more I dug into it, I realized that he was actual fighting for human rights. Privacy Policy | 1999-2023 Ticketmaster. The venue was perfect for this show and Justin did not disappoint. A Day in the Life ofJustin Furstenfeld of Blue October. Justin had a great balance of entertaining storytelling and relative acoustic song playing. Tags: Justin furstenfeld, musician, sobriety, Filed under: Addiction, Drug Use, Recovery. Mar 31, 2023. He helped me make sure that I didnt overdo something. I think he did, unfortunately, create a playbook for being unapologetic about criminal activity and using it to get famous, frankly. He is a graduate of Lambuth University and earned an MBA from Union University. It was going to be a solo album at first that documented someones personal marriage troubles but the part that really was awful was when the divorce finally happened and we were done, that was when this serial accusing started. These subjects replace things like bitterness, confusion and anger that dominated earlier recordings. Overall great experience; would recommend it even to those who aren't very familiar with the Blue October (Like myself). Open Book Winter Album is the second solo acoustic album by Blue October frontman, Justin Furstenfeld. Dr. Sledge is a sought-after speaker in the industry, talking about the critical need to treat both the mind and body of those struggling with substance use disorder. Loved the stories, the sound was great, and ghe venue suited the show very well. Justin Furstenfeld Meet & Greet Photos. This band was falling apart and discovered what it is to love life again and be with each other, says Furstenfeld, who created a soundtrack for the film with friend and musician Eric Holtz. Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy. Mulroney is represented by Luber Roklin Entertainment and Paradigm Talent Agency and Furstenfeld by Rainmaker Artists. [2] On April 2, 2016, Furstenfeld and his wife had a son, Gunner Black. We ended up on the end of the fifth row, which was perfect. The challenge from his wife and band came only a day apart but presented him with the same basic choice: either get help with his drinking and drug addiction or the relationships would be over. You still have dark things that happen in your life, and you embrace that with a sense of accomplishment. Are you going to do THIS ALBUM or just an album because it sounds to me like this is your only defense to all these things that you have going on. He really helped me get the balls to say what I needed to say and to do it in a way that wasnt too much, ya know. While searching to find a Blue October concert, I came across Justin performing in San Antonio and decided to give it a try. Justin Furstenfeld is best known as the lead singer and songwriter for alt-rock band Blue October, but the open book he'll talk and sing about Wednesday night at Common Grounds Singer Justin Furstenfeld of the American band Blue October performs live on stage during a concert at the Astra on March 11, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Our Austin recovery center offers individualized evidence-based treatment programs to help you achieve long-lasting recovery, regardless of your history of addiction and treatment experiences. He got the stomach flu before their set, so it was just violinist Ryan Delahoussaye and Justin on stage. All Rights Reserved. Shes the strongest and most beautiful woman Ive ever met, and she scares me a little bit and I think thats pretty hot. He finally entered rehab following the intervention. Dr. Burley graduated from Meharry Medical College School Of Medicine in 1985 and specializes in addiction psychiatry. The actors Justin Theroux (left) and Woody Harrelson star in the HBO miniseries White House Plumbers. When you look back at your body of work and your struggle through the years, how do you feel that you have evolved as an artist? I finally have a defense! The story is familiar, yes. Nicks work highlights Cumberland Heights commitment to outcome-oriented care, using proven techniques to put those struggling with substance use disorder on a path to success. EXCLUSIVE: Dermot Mulroney (Hanna) and singer Justin Furstenfeld have joined Dolph Lundgren, Scott Adkins, and Ryan Kwanten in action movie Section Eight, which The Exchange will be selling at the WARRIOR Returns For Highly-Anticipated Season Three June 29th On Max! These guys are so responsible and proactive because they have dealt with it their whole lives. The first turmoil in my life was drugs and I lied to everyone around me. The "plumbers" Liddy, ex-FBI, and Hunt, ex-CIA were charged with the task of stopping leaks like the Pentagon Papers. Get all the latest news and tour dates from Blue Octobers official website located at! Where is this procedural process that's going to happen? With so much turbulence taking place in your life, did you find it to be a difficult process to put this all down on paper and then on the album? However, dont waste your money on the Warrior room. So I guess a misconception might be that, Oh, he is too personal with his music. Well, if you had a daughter and were accused of some of the things that I have been accused of, I dont know how you could just sit there and take it! Furstenfeld played a few other songs from Blue Octobers debut album, such as Black Orchid and Breakfast After 10. In these, the audience learned of his first love, Mamie, and how he forgot her birthday after two years of dating. Blue October was literally falling apart, but Furstenfeld managed to keep his addiction a secret from most of the band and management. Send us a tip using our annonymous form. There are times, in reading this, playing it and watching it, where there's almost something kind of adorable or corny. Prior to becoming CEO, Jay was the Chief Financial Officer for the organization. Sorry there are currently no upcoming events. A powerful and diverse record, this emotional odyssey features thirteen new songs that tell a cathartic tale of heartbreak and healing through unbridled lyrical honesty, anthemic modern rock hooks, and melodic soundscapes. While in high school Furstenfeld, started his first rock band named The Last Wish. Romantic definitely! Whereas now there's been so many impeachments of both Republican and Democratic presidents. I mean, it's obviously horrific. "I used. In addition, Jay serves as Treasurer/Secretary of the Foundation of Recovery Science and Education. Dr. Sledge is a graduate of LSU and the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. She cried from the moment Justin hugged her to the second he left the stage. If youre struggling with addiction like Justin was, theres hope for you too. Hes such a beautiful piece of energy.. They have two children. Justin Furstenfeld, the lead singer and guitarist of the band, has always been transparent in his songwriting, reflecting the strugglesand now the triumphsof his personal life. Nobody answers the door for you and they arent there when you get sued because you didnt pay her side of something just because she lied and said that you were supposed to. Prior to that she was V.P. It hit me and I was like, Oh my gosh! Then I had someone who said, Let me manage you. I thought, Oh, Wow! Next thing you know, we had a thousand people at our shows. The Exchanges AFM line-up includes John Cenas The Independent, Kaley Cuoco/Pete Davidsons Meet Cute, Liev Schreibers Across The River And Into The Trees and Zoe Saldanas Keyhole Garden. She just never showed up. Your gift to Cumberland Heights through our annual and capital initiates gives immediate support to patients and their families. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA Enterprise and the Google, Visit Billboard Pro for music business news, Jerry Cantrell Talks Lightening the Load & Covering Elton John on Brighten: Its Not Just All Fking Monochrome, His Voice Is Still With Us: Rob Halford, Scott Ian & More Remember Metal Giant Ronnie JamesDio, A Death in the Family: Peter Steele of Type O Negative Remembered By Bandmate JohnnyKelly. Staff Writer at University of Tennessee Daily Beacon, 75-day program at Cumberland Heights, a rehabilitation center in Nashville. The only reason I put this album out was because I didnt want to end up in jail for doing absolutely nothing. During her tenure, Cinde has served in nursing, clinical management, and administrative roles. *LIMITED*ON SALE* from Blue October", "Berlin: Justin Furstenfeld, Amaury Nolasco and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone Join 'Lights Out', Ugly Side: An Acoustic Evening with Blue October,, High School for the Performing and Visual Arts alumni, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 23 March 2023, at 23:23. Contact the Nova Recovery Center admissions team at (888) 427-4932 to get started today. He said, You are going to lose it if you dont just put it behind you. Pic is in post-production. It got to the point where writing was my only outlet to get it all out. You have to put this song, The Flight, on this album. Another lady overheard this conversation and offered to show us to some better seats so that my sister didn't have to battle the steps in the dark. He gives a fantastic performance, said Brandon Burrows. 2023 Deadline Hollywood, LLC. He went through a 75-day program at Cumberland Heights, a rehabilitation center in Nashville, and found his faith there. I want to be a positive role model for a lot of people, so I have to make sure that I am OK upstairs and get through this with my child, making sure that she is OK first. In May of 2012, both his wife and fellow band members offered him ultimatums. I was blown away. Unpredictable yes. The album was recorded live during Furstenfeld's one-man Open Book tour in January-February 2017 and was released November 24, 2017, on compact disc, vinyl, and digital download formats. Youthfully uncompromising, but maturely flexible. Songkick is the first to know of new tour announcements and concert information, so if your favorite artists are not currently on tour, join Songkick to track Justin Furstenfeld and get concert alerts when they play near you, like 4622 other Justin Furstenfeld fans. He checked into a Nashville rehabilitation center to receive help for his addictions to alcohol and prescription medication. Why the hell would you want to get into that wasp can when youve seen millions of your homies die from that st? asked Furstenfeld. After his special performance in the Dunkin' Philly Music Lounge, Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October met the lucky listeners who won access to the studio session + our on air hosts Jammin' Jessie & Amber Miller, and got his eyes on the customized Blue October donuts provided by Dunkin! My goal at Cumberland Heights is to help provide the best possible care for our patients, said Mastin. Around the same time as the band was hitting their stride with their smash singles Hate Me and Into the Ocean, things started falling apart in Furstenfelds personal life. I freaked out! Every time you hear them talking about the press being evil, you would go, "Hey, that does sound familiar." Justin Furstenfeld. Robin is an advocate for education and volunteers at Coopertown Elementary School. Dr. Chapman Sledge, a nationally recognized physician and speaker, has been the Chief Medical Officer at Cumberland Heights since 2009. A still from the HBO miniseries White House Plumbers, in which G. Gordon Liddy orchestrates the failed Watergate break-in. This is especially true when the songs emphasize a positive message designed to encourage or offer hope. This was that point.. I cant believe Night of The Demons celebrates its 35th anniversary this year! This was hands down the best show/concert/performance we have seen in a very long time. It didn't cost us a dime and it saved my sister a lot of painful walking with the crutches. We are huge Blue October fans and have attended their concert at the Revention Center in Houston Thanksgiving weekend for the past 4 years and we were disappointed they did not perform there this year. waukesha parade video, part time jobs from 6pm to 11pm near me, grand rapids catholic central football coach,

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