ID Weapons Obviously the three basic combat options are "guard position", "prioritise melee . For certain builds, this might be preferable though it's up to the Legendary Chest lottery to determine which one the players will receive. Finally getting to grips with the finer points of archer thralls. 22 This will affect your Stamina as the heavier the load, the more Stamina will be used to perform actions like dashing, running, and sprinting. Once they are at your base, you need to start breaking them so that they can be controlled by you. For reference, I typically use Obsidian Arrows, Ice Arrows from Ymir's altar, or Snake Arrows from Set's altar. John-Baptiste April 4, 2019, 3:02am 2. In terms of raw damage, it's slightly better than the Frostshot but it does have worse armor penetration than that one. There are a number of different Thralls, each specializing in a different kind of job. Durability Sadly, it seems that the developers ran out of ideas for legendary bows as one of them, the Eye of the Khan is identical to The Huntress down to the bonus stat. It has the highest base damage out of all the bows and also comes with a whopping 30 percent armor penetration. The thrall in question was initially armed with a bow & stack of arrows, a short sword and shield. To capture the right thrall to get the required utility out of them, you must first identify them correctly. I've been trying to level up the various gate guards for my bases, and I've found a pretty good melee weapon for my Strength thralls (Obsidian Mace). When a weapon matching their default type is in their inventory they will switch in melee combat. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Anyone who has it needs to use it carefully and only against a target with little to no armor, otherwise, all that high damage is rendered useless though it can be devastating against the right targets. Okay, so if any exile here wants a bow that's highly competent and means business, then the Reach of the Red Mother is the most serious one they can get. Voidforge Bow would be the best, but it is Siptah-exclusive. The bow in question would be the Pristine Khari Bow and it's slightly better than most of the legendary bows but has a lower armor penetration that's still high for bow standards. Players that want to take the bow and arrow approach will have to choose wisely to ensure they deal enough damage to attack efficiently from afar. Archery may not be the strongest way to deal damage in Conan Exiles but these bows help take things up a notch. *: . Damage Here we have discussed a good amount of information about the best thralls in Conan Exiles. if you fill a thrall's inventory like this. Make sure that you place some meat or food in the wheel. So, here we are going to discuss the exact locations where you can find these thralls. 1921 Here are some of the best thralls in Conan Exiles: You can pick any of the alchemist thralls that you like as they dont have any health factors. The Teliths Sorrow is by far the best Strength weapon for Fighter Thralls, but its an endgame weapon, so any Strength weapon or longsword dealing AoE damage can also work. While your character will provide as much support as possible, you still need protection before engaging in battle. I still think they're outclassed by melee thralls, and the AI could be a bit more flexible, but I'm getting there now. All rights reserved. Depending on the tier and the T4 specialisation of the profession thrall in the workbench, individual values of the item are buffed. Armor Penetration Conan Exiles Named Thrall Locations - Best Alchemists, Archers, Armorers, Bearers, Blacksmiths, Carpenters, Cooks, Entertainers, Fighters, Smelters, Tanners & Taskmasters. Then again, some Legendary Chest weapons can prove to be better than crafted bows and Bessie's Bow is one of those. Carpenter thralls have no health points as they work on your base. No thrall Durability You can, however, use the Hyperborean hood and chest piece until you've acquired the blueprints for the Redeemed Legion Helmet and the Voidforged Dragon Ribs. But if you use truncheon remember to use shield too, block the thralls attack so that it gets staggered, then launch your attack - light hits only, concussive damage is not higher even if you use heavy hits. The Grit attribute will influence your Stamina pool's size and directly affect the armor equipped. In trained hands, bows are lethal weapons that can bring down a foe from afar. Alternatively, you can use Thralls as moveable inventory and use their storage space to carry home all of the loot that you find in your adventures. It will do whatever you ask it to. Thralls are added in the game for your better experience and help you in completing tasks in a much better and faster way. Thralls are designed to perform a variety of tasks. Farming this bow is quite the herculean endeavor as it drops from the Red Mother, which is an enormous mommy dragon looking to slap some naughty exile kids. Agility Weapon In trained hands, bows are lethal weapons that can bring down . Those 2 swords are the best endgame for thrall, go for the highest damage you can get until then. Bearer thralls can be great companions when exploring various regions and you are looking to bring back some extra items to your base. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Conan Exiles currently has the following Thrall types available: Here is how the Thrall system works. DLC Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America), It depends on which type of capabilities you are looking for. 1 Say no more. Again, the difference between the two is small but the Bessie's Bow seals the deal with an added bonus, specifically +5 to Grit. There is blunt arrows that you can use to knock out thralls from afar with bow. We know about so many other features of Conan Exiles like you can ride your pets to reach your destination at a much faster pace, you can choose to follow various religions, craft tons of items, and hundreds of other features as well. Category highest armor, maybe with some extra vitality and high dps weapon - if you fear losing them take some healing arrows with you. 10.9% Conan Exiles Horse Locations & How To Tame Them, Dead By Daylight Mobile Bundle Codes (May 2023): Free Bloodpoints, Iridescent Shards, More, Roblox Doors Codes (April 2023): Free Knobs, Revives and More, Roblox King Legacy Codes (April 2023) Beli, Gems, Stat Resets & More, Roblox Encounters codes (April 2023) - Free Crystals, Keys, Tickets, Is The Chillblast Gaming Laptop Worth It? Armor Penetration Listed below are all the NPC Thralls along with their functions and their appearances as Thrall (appearance) Function; Your Priests will be used to summon all of your avatars. *:Music *:*:*. If you have entertainers or dancers instead of Smiths, then they can remove corruption from the player and start restoring your health to its maximum. Description. Yet another weird bow that's too picky with its targets is Derketo's Voice. 23 Check out the list of guides:Isle Of Siptah Infinite Stamina Build | Master Gatherer Build |Sorcerer Supreme Build|Strength Build|Base Building Build. Probably. I run 20 in authority with katana and bow, but only put 15 in agility. However, thralls that work on crafting stations can also prove to be better than others. The only difference between them and the Fighters is the fact that Archers use ranged combat to inflict damage. Capturing a thrall doesnt require you to have any exceptional skill but just some simple steps to follow. Still, a bow is a bow and this one is easier to acquire compared to the other two depending on the player's disposition in Conan Exiles. Damage 8.9% *:.#conanexiles #conan If you opt for Agility over Strength, you may get some Stamina back, boosting your damage output from Agility-based weapons. These thralls can unlock some unique recipes for you and also decrease the crafting time. In a lawless world, it doesn't really matter how one kills their enemies. Each Thrall can have four different levels of progression in its utility, marked with a I, II, or III at the end of its name, the level four NPCs though, is uniquely named. The priests usually have a set spawn point and it is very easy to block a priest. This is all weve on our Conan Exiles Thrall Guide. She is equipped with an N.Dip in Journalism and Media Studies, with a bounty of journal entries detailing her vast in-game open-world experiences. you just exhaust your stamina. Sadly, it doesn't infuse its arrows with cold damage despite the name's implications. The Skelos Cultist Master armor set may be a Medium classed armor; however, its stats will grant you a vital boost when wielding weapons and for your Thralls. Both depending the upon the level of the Thrall, the higher the level, the more efficient and effective it is. It's actually a bit weaker than the Frostshot thanks to the lower armor penetration values but not by too much and the difference is negligible. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Are you interested in more Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery build guides? They help you in preparing food faster and unlock some unique recipes. From what I can tell, the key to archer thralls is using yourself as bait. Conan Exiles Thrall Master Build: Best Attributes, Stats & Perks . Now, just wait for a while until the process is completed and there you have it your enslaved thrall. ID The cord to the nock, the shaft to the ear, and the king of Koth for a mark! It doesn't give other stat increases though but that's understandable as such a notion would be overkill. In case anyone's wondering. Damage Type Armor Penetration Masterful Bow Damage The Conan Exiles Thrall Capturing guide will cover some of the factions in the game right now while more will be added as soon as the game gets updated. *:. *:*:*. That last one seems to work best, but it's inconvenient needing to generate all that zeal. These are the thralls that are capable of combatting and carrying heavy items for you. If you want to let your thrall play the game for you you need to spec into Authority. Teaches Keep an eye out on the food in the wheel of pain and make sure it doesnt run out. DLC 8.92% The Mongols can attest to that and Conan Exiles lets players exercise that safer way of being a conqueror by using bows. On top of the better numbers, the Pristine Khari Bow gives tons of stat bonuses such as +3 to Strength and +3 to Accuracy. For a bow, this is a more valuable addition compared to any other stat increase. T3 And that completes this guide on the best Thrall Master build in Conan Exiles, and we want to thank the YouTube channel FireSpark81for their complete walkthrough. Most discussed stories from the last week. To do that, you need to put them on the wheel of pain. Pretty much every NPC in the world can be captured provided they arent named story related characters. Splinter and Eye of Khan are also in the running but are legendary drops from legendary chests. Like any crafting station, players need to add fuel and ingredient to the wheel of pain which in this case happens to be food and the NPC respectively. Reach of the Red Mother is the best overall bow but requires farming an Unnamed City boss for a >4% drop rate. Weight They have the ability to sometimes craft a really rare item which would be really hard for you to craft. Weight The same can't be said for when I try to train my Agility thralls with bows. These thralls are capable of working on Carpenters bench or Artisan Bench. 2023 GINX TV Ltd. Level Durability However, thralls can stand out from all the above features as they are lively persons which help you in so many different ways. 3.47 23 From the inventory, the thrall can be placed on the ground to wherever the player feels like they are needed. I had them in guard mode, used cloak on myself and spawned in a boss crocodile to see how the thrall coped with it. 9.9% Make sure not to swing your Truncheon too wildly, as it may kill the NPC rather than knocking them out. Knowledge Enjoys all sorts of games except those made by Nintendo. I used them this way before the update to the AI. * : : : *:*:*. The only issue is it can be a pain to actually get this bow to use. 3.64 The named thralls are Level 4 thralls, the best ones, find all the named thralls' locations below, and also info about their clan and race. (Picture: Funcom). Best bow is Reach of the Red Mother, which is a legendary and does 30 damage. Weight Weight Watch the white marker over the Thralls health bar to see when it knocks out. Survive in a vast open-world sandbox, build a home and kingdom, and dominate your enemies in single or multiplayer. : ' - : : : : : : : : Spark of ExcellenceBy The Talented @xXasdfMAN12Xx AKA: Sean Wolf#conanexiles #funcom #conanexiles2022 Damage That last one might be the culprit for the AI not switching to melee mode. You might also want to consider weapons with rebuffs on thrills for boss fights. T4 Fletcher Level III speeds up the process even more and finally the Level IV i.e. He finds respite in the sweet embrace of mass media escapism after having risked his life too many times as a journalist covering warzones and depressed areas. All rights reserved. Weapons such as swords and maces can be a good option. Legendary Players need to be at least level 10 before they can start the process of capturing thralls. The Dragonbone Bow makes up for the lower damage output by being readily available through crafting. The final Attribute category deals with the encumbrance: how much load or weight you can carry and which armor, weapons, and tools can contribute. Armorer thralls can be useful if you are willing to speed up crafting at armors or tanners bench. NEXT: Conan Exiles: All Console Commands & What They Do. Armor Penetration Damage For the weirdest bow in the game, here's Splinter. Now, if players find that dragon body parts are too much to farm for the Dragonbone Bow, then they can opt for something a little simpler and more environmental-friendly such as the Flawless Star Metal Bow. Armor Piercing. So to all ye knowledgeable thrall enthusiasts, is there a go-to bow for thralls these days? Isle of Siptah : *: . *:*:*. : *: . *:*: *. RELATED: Conan Exiles: Tips To Help You Survive. Masterful Bow I've compiled a list of my top 10 weapons for thralls in Conan Exiles!I've been testing weapon types in conan exiles to see what works best in the situation . At that time I found you had to make sure they could not move to engage with melee and stayed at a good distance from the target. | Technically Speaking, How This Streamer Beat Elden Ring With Her MIND! Gain a following and utilize your Thralls in combat as we've detailed the best build in becoming the ultimate Thrall Master in Conan Exiles. Personally I set them up as: Guard Me, Prioritize Ranged, Follow Distance Highest, and give them a weapon that matches the type that they spawned with. Armorer thralls drop under the worker category so they dont have any health points. T4 Builder #1 Road to Crusader Apr 24, 2019 @ 11:33am Originally posted by BigBombz: Best heavy you can craft. Players need to make sure they dont capture all the same types of thralls and their captives should have a diversity to them for various skills. You may be wondering if theres a Thrall Master build that maximizes the number of Thralls you can have while boosting their stats to attack more aggressively without taking too much damage, and yes, there is such a build. Weight Archers are used to defending your base as well. . This build focuses on thrall damage to ensure they hit as hard if not harder than pre 3.0 thrall nerf. T2 An ancient weapon Statistically, The Huntress is identical to Bessie's Bow but the mechanical appearance and make of the weapon might be more appealing for some players. I've been experimenting with the archer thrall AI, and so far it's been an unmitigated disaster. Splinter and Eye of Khan are also in the running but are legendary drops from legendary chests. Conan Exiles Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Blacksmiths are also worker thralls so they dont possess any health points, you can choose any of them as you like. Beyond that, the Frostshot is one of the "weakest" strongest bows in the game. I guess "prioritize ranged" means ranged-only mode. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Now, get close to an NPC thrall and damage him with Truncheon, keep an eye on his health bar. Youll need as much HP regeneration as possible, so youll be spending much of your Attribute points in Vitality. Damage T1 Yes, you can use thralls in Conan Exiles for different things such as defending your base, working on stations, for entertainment purposes, and various others. 3.47 This video is based on Testlive data everything in it is subject to change.In this Conan Exiles 3.0 video, we talk about thrall nerfs and I show you a build that will have your thralls back into the fight stronger than ever. 24228 i set my archers up with 200 poison arrows each, and have about 20 x level 20 archers, all firing poison arrows at the enemy. That's why he is trying to get out of melee range, and keep firing arrows. Dead Island 2 Review: Hell-A Is Hella Fun, Atomic Heart Review: Beautiful, Flawed, And Fun, Evil West Review A Promising, Vampire-Killing, Carnage-Fueled Adventure, Star Wars Jedi Survivor Coruscant Collectibles: Priorite Shards, Databanks, Force Tear, Essences, Chests, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Chamber Of Clarity Location And Puzzle Solution, Dead Island 2 Emmas Wrath Location: How To Get, Dead Island 2 Blood Rage Location: How To Get. The main purpose for this build is to gain as many followers or combat Thralls as possible by pooling most of the Attribute points into Agility and Authority, the latter granting you more Thralls. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Valve Corporation. Thanks everyone for the tips. It is best to have them in groups and supported by archers in the back. The bow does offer a +5 to Accuracy but that's wasted a bit depending on the enemy. T4 Bowmaker For general thrall tips and to walk you through the steps of "taming" your first thrall, Emily Parker . 9.3% Masterful Bow (Epic) can be used with the following ammunition: Masterful Bow Weapon Repairing Masterful Bow (Epic) requires up to: 10 Eldarium Masterful Bow (Epic) can be dismantled to: 2 Eldarium They work at shrines and they make altars. Sign up and receive a list of the 5 hottest games coming out this year. The Dragonbone Bow makes up for the lower damage output by being readily available through crafting. Armor Penetration It depends on which type of capabilities you are looking for. If theres anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below! You can also make gruel if you have fiber or seeds available to you at that time. They only work on crafting benches and increase the crafting speed. As your Thralls will deal with and absorb most of the damage in combat, your Thralls need to fight stronger and harder against enemies. You still have really good damage with the Skelos armor, and I'm not a fan of the last agility perk. Thinks Fortnite is the only battle royale that should exist. It's made with epic light padding and silk, but it is actually a medium armor so much better points of armor. 22 Damage Trying to stay up to date with all games, entertainment media and memes. We try out best to provide high quality content that everyone can enjoy. The only explanation is that the bow launches arrows at a slow and weak speed. They only get spawned at specific locations on the map. For more help on Conan Exiles, read out our NPCs/Camps Locations Guide, Leveling Guide, and Race & Religion Guide. Where The Huntress sets itself apart is in the bonus perk where it gives the wielder a +5 to Accuracy. For one archer thrall, that might be a viable option, but if you are equipping a gang of archers, then you'll want a craftable bow. However, each Thrall has a different specialization, for example, someone might be good at archery while another thrall might be a dancer or a craftsman. In any case, players should pick their targets carefully with this one. Best Weapon To Knock Out Thralls In Conan Exiles FireSpark81 163K subscribers 108K views 3 years ago #ConanExiles #conan #funcom In this Conan Exiles video, we take a look at. A large part of the versatility of the bow comes from the arrows used in battle. Speaking of bows that are easier to acquire, the Dragonbone Bow is right up there. Also, you will need to craft Truncheon and Fiber Bindings. It also has no armor penetration whatsoever and the lore is pretty vague on why that's the case for this poor bow. For weapon options, keeping the Agility weapon bonus received from the Skelos Cultist Master armor set, your weapons must scale with Agility. As the name suggests these are the ones that work on your food resources. This attribute determines the damage your followers deal and the Concussive Damage you inflict. Stats Then you will be required to build a Wheel of Pain which will be used to enslave a thrall. Usually, you would want Thralls to defend your base or come on your expeditions with you so that they can craft items. Youll be swapping out the hood and chest pieces for the Redeemed Legion Helmet and the Voidforged Dragon Ribs, as both pieces give you an 8% Strength Weapon Damage bonus each.Don't forget to visit the Weaponsmith to attach the Master Weapon Fitting upgrade to increase the weapon's bonuses. Masterful Bow The best weapons for this build are late-game ones like two-handed Whirlwind Blades and ranged weapons like the Reach of the Red Mother. Each has their own perks and each their own function. Conan Exiles has a unique mechanic that no other survival game has tried. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. A large part of the versatility of the bow comes from the arrows used in battle. I only wonder because I get attached to my thralls and don't want them dying haha. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Nowadays he mostly risks his bladder as he tries to hold his urine waiting for those precious post-credits scenes at the movies or trying to kill Souls-like bosses. Fighter thralls with high stats are not that easy to find. The best craftable Exiled Lands bow is the Khari Bow. Slowly over time, the wheel of pain will break the thrall and they will finally submit to the player which will allow them to be picked up and placed in the player inventory like every other item. In this Conan Exiles video, we take a look at different options for knocking out thralls to see if the Truncheon is really the best weapon for the job.An open-world survival game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian! You will need to reach at least 10 to unlock Thrall Taker skill. 1472 These weapons are capable of making more damage to the opponents. Don't be fooled by the name, Frostshot isn't anything special in the projectile department. To acquire a Thrall, you will need to complete the Thrall Take Journey which youll receive the blueprint for the Purple Lotus Orb, but more importantly, unlocks Thralls.Thralls can engage in combat, whether defending your base or attacking enemy camps. Best weapon and armor choice for thralls? I would put them on a balcony with no exit from it. Description Archer thralls are useful for guarding bases and important items as they will immediately shoot at aggressive creatures, enemy thralls, and other players that are not part of the player's clan. They are less prone to dying than Fighter thralls since they have quite the range. But there are still only two wild T4 thralls that I consider the best. Ashleigh Klein is a Staff Writer at GINX Esports TV based in South Africa. John-Baptiste April 4, 2019, 3:00am 1. Fighters are melee combatants who will be used to defend your base. Other viable options like the Star Metal Great Sword can work until you've looted Teliths Sorrow but dont forget to apply the Master Weapon Fitting upgrade. Grade Only the lore and the appearance of the bow make it unique. Image by Emily Medlock. I've been experimenting with the archer thrall AI, and so far it's been an unmitigated disaster. That makes it great for hybrid archers with melee weapons as backup tools. For this reason, it is best to have them on high walls or towers overlooking the area that your Fighters are defending up close. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. The remaining armor pieces give you a 5% Strength Weapon Damage bonus, each with a combined total of 31% Strength Weapon Damage. Thralls do not dodge and do not have stamina issues, neither do they get any skill buffs from armor like players do. Here the crafting recipes can be completed at a 2x faster time if the armorer thrall is placed. We've detailed the best Attributes, perks, weapons, armor, and Thrall options for this Thrall Master build in Conan Exiles. Smiths are used to crafting items. The tradeoff is that the armor penetration is considerably lower compared to the Frostshot. The best Fighters in Conan Exiles are T4 or named thralls. Entertainers are mainly used to remove corruption and regenerate health. why did t leave salvage hunters,

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